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ndctl−start−scrub − start an Address Range Scrub (ARS) operation


ndctl start−scrub [<bus-id> <bus-id2> .. <bus-idN>] [<options>]


NVDIMM Address Range Scrub is a capability provided by platform firmware that allows for the discovery of memory errors by system software. It enables system software to pre−emptively avoid accesses that could lead to uncorrectable memory error handling events, and it otherwise allows memory errors to be enumerated.
The kernel provides a sysfs file (scrub) that when written with the string "1\n" initiates an ARS operation. The ndctl start−scrub operation starts an ARS, across all specified buses, and the kernel in turn proceeds to scrub every persistent memory address region on the specified buses.


Start a scrub on all nvdimm buses in the system. The json listing report only includes the buses that support ARS operations.
# ndctl start-scrub
When specifying an individual bus, or if there is only one bus in the system, the command reports whether ARS support is available.
# ndctl start−scrub e820
error starting scrub: Operation not supported


−v, −−verbose
Emit debug messages for the ARS start process
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ndctl−wait−scrub(1), ACPI 6.2 Specification Section Address Range Scrubbing (ARS) Overview"