daxctl-destroy-device (1)


daxctl-destroy-device - Destroy a devdax device


daxctl destroy-device [options]


  • Destroys dax0.1
# daxctl disable-device dax0.1
disabled 1 device
# daxctl destroy-device dax0.1
destroyed 1 device
  • Destroys all devices in region id 0
# daxctl disable-device -r 0 all
disabled 3 devices
# daxctl destroy-device -r 0 all
destroyed 2 devices


Destroys a dax device in devdax mode.


-r; --region= Restrict the operation to devices belonging to the specified region(s). A device-dax region is a contiguous range of memory that hosts one or more /dev/daxX.Y devices, where X is the region id and Y is the device instance id.
-u; --human By default the command will output machine-friendly raw-integer data. Instead, with this flag, numbers representing storage size will be formatted as human readable strings with units, other fields are converted to hexadecimal strings.
-v; --verbose Emit more debug messages
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