Version and Firmware

Get Version

Shows the persistent memory module host software versions

ipmctl version

Show Device Firmware

Shows detailed information about the firmware on one or more modules

$ ipmctl show [OPTIONS] -firmware [TARGETS]

Update Firmware

Updates the firmware on one or more modules

$ ipmctl load [OPTIONS] -source (path) -dimm (DimmIds) [TARGETS]

NOTE: If Address Range Scrub (ARS) is in progress on any target DIMM, an attempt will be made to abort ARS and the proceed with the firmware update.

NOTE: A reboot is required to activate the updated firmware image and is recommended to ensure ARS runs to completion.


Update the firmware on all modules in the system to the image in sourcefile.pkg on the next power cycle.

$ sudo ipmctl load -source sourcefile.pkg -dimm

Check the firmware image in sourcefile.pkg and retrieve the version.

$ sudo ipmctl load -examine -source sourcefile.pkg -dimm

NOTE: Once a firmware image is staged for execution, a power cycle is required before another firmware image of the same type (production or debug) can be staged for execution using this command.

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