Dump Debug Log

Dumps encoded firmware debug logs from specified persistent memory modules and optionally decodes to human readable text.

ipmctl dump [OPTIONS] -destination (file_prefix) [-dict (file)] -debug -dimm (DimmIDs) [PROPERTIES]


  • -destination (file_prefix): The command will create files that use the given filename as a prefix and append the DIMM UID, DIMM handle, debug log source, and the appropriate file type (.bin for encoded logs, .txt for decoded logs) onto the end.


  • -dict (path): Optional file path to the dictionary file. If supplied, the command will create both the binary debug log and a text file with decoded log data with the file prefix specified by destination.

  • -dimm (DimmIDs): Dumps the debug logs from the specified modules.


Dump and decode the debug log from persistent memory modules 0x0001 and 0x0011 using the dictionary file.

$ sudo ipmctl dump -destination file_prefix -dict nlog_dict.txt -debug -dimm 0x0001,0x0011

Sample Output

Dumped media FW debug logs to file
Decoded 456 records to file (file_prefix_8089-A1-1816-00000016_0x0001_media.txt)
No spi FW debug logs found

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