Show Error Log

Shows thermal or media errors on the specified persistent memory modules.

ipmctl show [OPTIONS] -error (Thermal|Media) [TARGETS] [PROPERTIES]


  • -dimm (DimmIDs): Show only the events on specific modules by supplying the DIMM target and one or more comma-separated DimmIDs.


  • SequenceNumber: Error log entries are stored with a sequence number starting with 1 and rolling over back to 1 after 65535. Limit the error log entries returned by providing a sequence number. Only errors with a sequence number equal to or higher than that provided will be returned. The default is 1.

  • Level: Severity level of errors to be fetched. One of:

    • "High": high severity errors (default)

    • "Low": Low severity errors

  • Count: Max number of error entries to be fetched and printed. The default is 8 for media errors and 16 for thermal errors.


Show all high thermal error log entries

$ sudo ipmctl show -error Thermal Level=High

Show all low media error log entries

$ sudo ipmctl show -error Thermal Level=Low

Sample Output

Thermal Error occurred on Dimm (DimmID):
System Timestamp : 1527273299
Temperature : 88C
Reported : 4 - Critical
Temperature Type : 0 - Media Temperature
Sequence Number : 1
Media Error occurred on Dimm (DimmID):
System Timestamp : 1527266471
DPA : 0x000014c0
PDA : 0x00000600
Range : 4B
Error Type : 4 - Locked/Illegal Access
Error Flags : DPA Valid
Transaction Type : 11 - CSR Write
Sequence Number : 2

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