IPMCTL User Guide


ipmctl is an open source utility created and maintained by Intel to manage Intel® Optane™ DC persistent memory modules. ipmctl, which works in both Linux and Windows, is a vendor specific tool, meaning it is not able to be used for managing persistent memory or NVMIMM's from vendors other than Intel. The full project is open source and can be seen on GitHub. In this guide we will refer to Intel® Optane™ DC memory modules simply as modules or the persistent memory modules.

ipmctl refers to the following interface components:

  • libipmctl: An Application Programming Interface (API) library for managing persistent memory modules.

  • ipmctl: A Command Line Interface (CLI) application for configuring and managing persistent memory modules from the command line.

  • ipmctl-monitor: A monitor daemon/system service for monitoring the health and status of persistent memory modules.

Functionality includes:

  • Discover Intel Optane DC memory modules on the platform

  • Provision the platform memory configuration

    • Learn more about operating modes in this video​

  • View and update module firmware

  • Configure data-at-rest security

  • Monitor module health

  • Track performance of modules

  • Debug and troubleshoot modules

Architecture Diagram: