IPMCTL User Guide


ipmctl is an open source utility created and maintained by Intel to manage Intel® Optane™ persistent memory modules. ipmctl, works on both Linux and Windows. The full project is open source and can be seen on GitHub. In this guide we will refer to Intel® Optane™ memory modules simply as modules or persistent memory modules.
ipmctl refers to the following interface components:
  • libipmctl: An Application Programming Interface (API) library for managing persistent memory modules.
  • ipmctl: A Command Line Interface (CLI) application for configuring and managing persistent memory modules from the command line.
  • ipmctl-monitor: A monitor daemon/system service for monitoring the health and status of persistent memory modules.
Functionality includes:
  • Discover Intel Optane persistent memory modules on the platform
  • Provision the platform memory configuration
    • Learn more about operating modes in this video
  • View and update module firmware
  • Configure data-at-rest security
  • Monitor module health
  • Track performance of modules
  • Debug and troubleshoot modules
Architecture Diagram:
To learn more about how ipmctl works with the hardware see the Intel® Optane™ Persistent Memory OS Provisioning Specification, which describes all the firmware interface commands used for this operation.
Last modified 2yr ago